Course setting
Event Admnistration
Web Animator
Online Internet Results

Course setting

Supported courses:

  Single with loops
  Relay (farsta)
  Combined relays (4 legs men, 3 legs women)


  On screen design on bmp template
  Dimmed map
  Various zooms (view undo)
  Team design (more course setters per event)

  Out of bound areas
  Forbidden routes
  Mandatory crossings
  Refreshment point
  Map exchanges
  Marked routes - automatic route break over a control

  Multi stage design. It is possible to see more stage over themselves
  Drag and drop course setting
  Automatic and manual control number positioning
  Control point interruption
  Control and courses locking
  Forcing a leg using defined branch of a relay course available

  Bulk control moving and stretching
  GPS data using
  Automatic length calculation
  Course setting by entering controls codes
  Easy way to enter climbing between pair of controls
  Locate control by code function

Variants management:

  Automatic variant generations for relay and loops
  Manual variant change available
  No need to assign variant to course. The software prints maps with/and descriptions with bib number. 100% error free.

IOF Descriptions:

  IOF description for controls, courses, classes and groups
  Textual descriptions available
  Optimized print for bulk copying


  Print courses on the map
  Print map with courses and descriptions
  Plot courses on the map
  Print/Plot all controls or groups of controls (for controls setters)
  Paper master cards
  Printed courses/controls look setting


  Classes with codes
  Courses with codes
  Controls load
  Leg load
  First controls
  Length for relay legs
  Climbing for relay legs
  Length for relay legs

Import export:

  Selective import from other Orienteering Organiser file format
  Controls and Courses import from IOF XML format (OCAD) (version 11)
  Controls and Courses import from TXT format
  Controls import from DXF format (OCAD)
  DXF Export (for import to OCAD)

Event administration

Supported races:

  Single (result by time, time + penalty, number of missing controls)
  Single - scorelauf (results by time, points+time)
  Teams (2 or more competitors ruuning together)

General features:

  Processing in computer network


  Club databases 
    import from master club database

    Early/late start requirements   
    National federation codes
    Early/Normal/Late entry types
    User data type in competitor record

    Filtering functions
    Sorting function
    Reading names and e-card from master database
    Import/Export data for master/external databases

    Multi run with the same e-puch card during one race (version 11)
    Duplicate e-card numbers check
    Event day registration support functions
    E-punch card number reading from the card
    Entries import from txt file

Start time drawing:

  Vacants generation
  Drawing types:
  - Interval
  - Reverse to previous stage
  - Chase start
  - Master start
  - Groups (reduce start difference for club members)

Start lists:

  By classes (one class per page available)
  By clubs (one club per page available)
  For starter
  Automatic emails to clubs
  Report body layout user definition 

SPORTident support:

  SI card version 5,6,6*,7,8,9,10,11,pCard,tCard,
  SI stations versions 3,4,6,7,8
  Direct fast print on SI split-times printer (version 11)
  SI simulator

Finish processing:

  Reading finish time from e-punch card
  Direct finish time recording
  Light beam support
  Automatic export for external software
  Rented e-punch reading optical and acoustical signalization
  Special event (e.g. not cleaned e-card) acoustical signalization
  Full competitors result manual modification available
  Predrawn start times and e-punch start times in one race available

  Ending race at any control (finish stations errors)
  Exclusion of a leg from a course (lost controls)

  Bulk start times adjusting
  Bulk split.times adjusting (wrong e-punch station clock) (version 11)
  List of not finished competitors

Runners split-times:

  Runner's split-times ticket with immediate loss and chart
  Later ticket print
  Print on Windows printer or direct fast print (SPORTident printer)
  Print ticket layout modification (version 11)

Results and split-times reports:

  Results and split-times by classes (new page after class available)
    - all 
    - selected
    - changed
    - closed
  Automatic result print in defined interval or number of changed competitors
  Export to TXT
  Export to HTM
  Export to IOF XML
  Report body layout user definition


  Runners routes
  Charts: time, places, loss
  Tables with split-times with color expressions
  Race animation on the map (suitable for big screen in assembly area, WOC 2003)
  Interactive leg slit-times analysis with table, map and route 

Web Animator:

  Direct export of web pages with on map animations (WOC 2003)


  Windows for commentator with live competitors time and place
  Runner from spectator controls displaying
  Radio control data reading


  Live displaying of just finished runner
  Live displaying of runner on radio controls
  Filter for top runners

Online internet results

  Online internet results (FTP transfer)
  Online internet split-times from (radio) controls