Orienteering Organiser 8

update from the version 7.5 or higher free of charge

New features 8.06:

- dockable, sizeable and hide able course setting bar
- extended toolbars
- zoom in and zoom out function
- save desktop

- information about event place, date, organising club and stage numbers for reports
- automatic map template reading stored in another than MAPS folder
- possibility to select another MAPS and DATA folder

Course setting:
- possibility to change map template DPI ("paintbrush" damages DPI value)
- possibility to convert any Epson printer file to BMP format
- possibility to draw lines and areas in Free hand mode (the same as in OCAD)
- possibility to set lines smoothing
- selection of type of line or area before drawing

Event administration:
- you see current information about club when you are writing entries (fees, cards)
- entry fees types: early, normal, late, in place
- calculation of card rent fee
- next 10 kind of fees
- possibility to set visible only column which you need
- setting if pre write last class or club
- possibility to set a competitor who start in a class and should be result list
- sizeable Competitors window
- club post and e-mail addresses support
- Post office - possibility to send e-mails with start club lists or other attachment according to club mails
Start times drawing:
- start time drawing for semifinal a final
- start time drawing according to start groups (multiday; members of the same club have similar start times)
- ranking classes start time drawing support including Wild cards
- acceptance of start times requirements (early, late)
- function for separation members from one so that they do no start after themselves
- start time drawing protocol
- possibility to move competitor by mouse in start list
- all start times drawing parameters table
Finish processing:
- every competitor split-times ticket contains current loss to the best competitor on leg in a class
- if e-punching system is not used you can check punched controls directly in "card" window for rogaining (total point value is calculated)
Kind of event:
- possibility to evaluate "courses with loops" and  "one man relay"
- rogaining
- type of class evaluation:
   fixed control sequence
   fixed control sequence + penalty
   number of missing controls + run time
   free control sequence
   free control sequence - points of control
- class a club selection table
- possibility to do results only for changed or finished classes
- possibility to set how many competitors will be print in result list
- list of classes and list of clubs with all fees

- selection of competitors for his route from competitor table
- easy way to draw competitor's route, see course setting above
- any two control leg split-times evaluation window (split-times of all competitors)