Orienteering Organiser 9

Internet results publishing:
Export for Animator - interactive aplication allows to show map, courses and animate competiton according to split-times
Possibility to export color HTML pages with split-times (color shows level of mistake)

Dynamic move of map, move map between two controls or move map when animation achieve border of the window
Possilibilty to repeat animation between selected controls
Possilibity to set color and width of animation of runner's route
Posiibility to set size of window with competitors names and flag (for spectators)
Export information to CVS file (possible to import into MS Excel)
Import from text file allows different time fromat fro result and split-times

Course setting:
IOF desciption valid from January 2004
Possibilty to set relay course from more relay courses - suitable for team competitions
Possibility to enter climbing by table with all controls in a course
Possibility to lock a course
Possibility to set print window by paper size of printer
Possibility to move whole print window
Version 9.01
Possibility to move, stretch and rotate lines/areas

Event administration:
Automatic result print window - start in the begining of event a close after event
Function which allows to move start time of all competitors from selected minute
Start list displays minutes in which nobody starts too (better for starter reading)
Possibility to set first start time in class in minutes and seconds
Posiibility to draw start times with second interval
Reading SI cards without opening finish queue window
Possibility to stop actualisation finish queue window information without stopping SI cards reading
Possibility to select a competitor in finish queue window from list of competitors
Possibility to select printer for split-times tickets directly in finish queue window
Log file with all manually changes made in Finish window
Finish information available in text file fro external software
Possibility to read finish times from external meassuring device
Competitor's start number (bib) available in a finish queue
Possilibity to proceed results times in tens of seconds
Report of non finished for SI manager 9.8
Abilitiy to use WRE id in special field
Version 9.01
7 and more digits SI cards support
Faster SI card version 6 and 7 reading

French and Bulgarian translation available too
Selection of font for all program windows available (cyrilic support)
Saving of width of all columns in all edit tables