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28 February 2022 - OORG 2022 BETA working without BDE available for testing.

29 September 2021 - please be aware that the website orienteeringorganiser.com does not belong to me. It was bought by a USA company and older content of this website copied without permission to their servers.

Translators for Course Consulting functionality welcome You get license for full version. French and Polish reserved.

30 August 2020 - Hungarian translation refresh (mainly for Course Consultant). Many thanks to Balasz Kovacs.

12 July 2020 - Serbian translation for Course Consultant PDF Help Many thanks to Dragan Nikolic.

28 April 2020 - OORG 2019 BETA 6 allows file exchange with preservation of event administration datadetails

22 March 2020 - OORG 2019 BETA 5 with OORG drive for event data sharing on orienteering-organiser.net details

3 March 2019 - OORG 2019 BETA Released details

Results of Survey 2018
As result of the users survey that was held in the first half of 2018, numerous suggestions related to future improvements were proposed. The list below shows some of them already implemented and other planned for next releases.

7 December 2018 - Version 12.03
  • Immediate recalculation of course lengths after map scale change
  • Prevent removal of a control point when control lock is active (only move is prevented in current versions)
  • Prevent removal of a control from a course via local menu when course lock is active (only removal by pressing delete was prevented)
  • full list
3 March - OORG 2019
  • IOF Descriptions version 2018
  • Export Results in IOF 3 format
  • Export data for printing award certificates (including place)
March 2019
  • Start lists with clock-time for the classes and clubs (e.g. 13:57:00)
Not planned yet:
  • IOF Descriptions, a header with too many characters does not wrap
  • Import of relay courses from OCAD (Note ZC: import of relay variants for relay courses set in OORG is supported)
  • Unify field keywords for export and report definitions
  • Course setting for a score event with mandatory pairs of controls
  • Support OCAD file for course setting besides .bmp file