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Course setting

On screen course design

  • Create controls and courses with mouse.
  • You can see more than one course in the editor and compare them.
  • For the relay you see the whole skeleton of the relay course.
  • The program calculates course length, adds climb between pairs of controls.
  • Map exchanges, marked routes or out-of-bounds areas are supported.

Different course types

  • Single
  • Relay - farsta (error prone - automatic variant assigment)
  • Loops
  • Score-O
  • Nests
  • Butterflies

IOF Descriptions

  • All controls
  • Courses
  • Classes
  • Groups (of controls)
  • Optimization per classes by number of competitors for copying

Courses print and export

  • Print maps with courses by using a printer
  • Plot courses on the maps by using a plotter
  • Export courses to BMP (with map)
  • Export courses to DXF for import to OCAD
  • Punch cards

Rich configuration

  • Course layout
  • Descriptions
  • Designer
  • Punch cards