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Orienteering Organiser 10 (2006)

  • ability to set courses with groups (nests) of controls
  • ability to work with GPS coordinates
  • ability to zoom in by rectangle selection and zoom out by right mouse click


    Using the SPORTident equipment
  • using new SPORTident readout station BSF (speed 38400bd))
  • reading of new SPORTident cards:
  • version 6* (192 controls)
  • version 8 ( 30 controls)
  • version 9 ( 50 controls)
  • pCard ( 20 controls)
  • ability to use SPORTident station with codes in range 31-600 (formerly 31-255)

  • Improvements in results producing
  • ability to end the competition on the selected control
  • ability to omit selected part of the course (lost controls)
  • ability automatically evaluate competitions with courses with groups (nests) of controls
  • ability to evaluate team (not relay) competitions: every team member has to pass all the course or all punches of all team members have to cover all the course

  • Improvement during SPORTident card evaluation
  • dialog for direct editation of competitors records (e.g. name change) directly from Finish queue dialog
  • sound announcement for returning lent card or notice for operator if it is necessary to do anything during automatical SI cards reading (unknown card etc.)
  • ability to enter a competitor into finish queue by his bib number (formerly only by ID)
  • ability to re-read contents of competitor SI card from log without closing Finish queue dialog

  • Posibility to use electronical measuring system
  • ability to read finish times by electronic measurement system (possibility to choose if it is necessary to keep order of SI cards the same as order of finishing competitors or possibility to assign competitors to measured times manually and only check punching by SI card reading)
  • ability to use Start queue - starting using electronical measurement device
  • tools to finish queue recalcualtion and print split-times tickets (from-to) available from Finish queue dialog)

  • Results:
  • ability to set own contents of category start lists and category results
  • improved split-times ticket with chart bringing information of precentual loss on the control
  • split-times results and split-times ticket for events with free control order show split-times on control in order punched by competitor (not according to order set by course setter - formely it happened 30.52 15.05 20.14 ... where the order of the split-times corresponed to order of the control in the course set by course setter)
  • results export in IOF XML format

  • Croatian and Turkish translation (Italian, Rumenian and Macedonian under construction)